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    Our intention is to extend the philosophy of care to a friendly, affordable, non-threatening and comfortable outpatient environment. The common denominator of our practice is excellence, professionalism, compassion, efficient medical and surgical care.
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    The Endoscopy Center of Dallas opens its doors: The summer of 2005 DEC opens access to patients and referring physicians for outpatient surgical and endoscopic procedures.
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New and higher standard

The Dallas Endoscopy Center offers the highest quality and the most efficient access for GI care. From screening to consultation, and when necessary, surgery, we focus on your needs, offering superior care and service. Our futuristic prototype Ambulatory Surgery Center allows our physicians to provide you with the latest innovations modern surgery offers. Our commitment to your good health ensures the satisfaction of both our patients and their referring physicians.

    Our unique features:

  • Efficient and easy access to innovative, state-of-the-art services.
  • Expedient and cordial service.
  • Compassionate care in a comfortable environment
  • Reputable staff.

The strength of this entity is in the building of alliances and strategic partnerships. This translates in our services as simply the best!

Virtual computed tomographic colonoscopy utilizes radiographic images obtained by CT technology, rendering
two and three-dimensional images of the colon.
During the course of the Colonoscopy examination, a polyp may be found. Polyps are abnormal growth of tissue which vary in size from a tiny dot to several inches.
An upper endoscopy or EGD is a very safe procedure that gives your doctor information that other tests may not be able to provide.
These instructions are designed to maximize your safety during and after the examination and to minimize possible complications.
Complications of an upper Endoscopy, also known as EGD (Esophago Gastro Duodenoscopy) are very rare; you may experience a mild sore throat. Bleeding and perforation are extremely unusual in diagnostic procedures.
You will be kept in the center until most of the effects of the medication have worn off. With the newer medications used, you will feel the effects of the medication wearing off very soon after the completion of the procedure.

Common GI Problems

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